lunedì, maggio 25, 2009


Ecco uno stralcio del drammatico appello che un gruppo di intellettuali, accademici, studiosi, comuni cittadini appartenenti all'antichissima etnia Baloch ha rivolto all'UNHCR (il cosiddetto "Alto Commissariato ONU per i Rifugiati"):
«[...] With respect to the Baloch Nation struggle for freedom, and abduction and cold-blooded murders of Baloch political leaders, we, the undersigned Baloch national and international organizations, and the Baloch people wish to draw your attention to the deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan and to the abuse of human rights by the state fascist military organizations, illegal and extrajudicial abductions, tortures and killings of Baloch people and encourage your organization to take initiative to probe the cases and bring the perpetrators to the court of Justice.
After the lapse of a more then 45 days of the incidence of cold-blooded murders of Baloch political activists Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Muneer Baloch by the Pakistani Military Intelligence Agency (MI) and Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Until now not a single initiative has been taken neither by UNO, nor by UNHCR and nor by any other organization to probe the cold-blooded murders and bring the perpetrators to any court of justice. [...]»
E certo. Sono tutti impegnati a catalogare i crimini contro l'umanità dell'Italia.


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