giovedì, maggio 28, 2009

Italy isn't a "Repubblica"

It's time to write down some words in English, since you foreign newspaper employees and reporters don't understand Italian at all. I'm sure about that, since the only news you're pulling out from Italy are those copied and pasted from the Repubblica web site, the only italian newspaper (along with the infamous Beppe Grillo's blog) that translate its junk in a language suitable to you.

You have to be aware that Repubblica isn't a real window over the italian country and people: is a political arm driven by restless enemies of the italian Government and people, and its journalists and columnists are only workers paid by Carlo De Benedetti, one of the worst and strongest Berlusconi's enemy since its defeat in the SME affair. Repubblica and Beppe Grillo translate in English their political actions in order to gain foreign support from newspaper and politicians not aware neither of the italian history and culture nor of its language. They count on you: they take back every word you write back about Italy and use them as a proof of their honesty and authority, using you as a remote controlled echo machine.
In Italy, the left parties are dead. The History and the parties itself killed them. People don't trust them anymore, event the Fiat workers now sopport Berlusconi's PdL party, the only able to rebuild this country after six decades of non-govern. Repubblica (and the Democratic party behind it) is trying to distract italians (and you) pushing a blonde teen into the Berlusconi's bed after pulling its wife out of it: page two of the Little Stalinist How-To Manual.
So, please: learn yourself the Italian language and begin to read other news sources than Rapubblica and Beppe Grillo's blog. You'll be surprised.

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